We provide design and fabrication of tool and die for metal stamping process, either manual or progressive, up to 500 tons-capacity.  This is our specialty that we earn reputation from global market.

We are capable to design and fabricate tool and die to meet your customized specifications, such as size, concept and life of tool, at your affordable cost.  All our design and fabrication are made according to common industrial standard that you can fit into any brand of press machines or you can easily replace its accessories in the market.  We will justify, ensure and maintain the condition of tool as per your requirements for an agreed guaranteed quantity.

You can engage our service of tool and die design and fabrication merely and we will deliver back the tool, as product, to you upon completion of fabrication.  Or, you can engage us not only to design and fabricate the tool, but also for the mass production after completion of tool fabrication.

We also provide design and fabrication of tool and die for cold forging process, to serve as alternative process for customers.   The cold forging process is designed to reduce or eliminate the need of secondary processes such as machining, buffing, etc., compared to metal stamping process. This value-added process will indirectly benefit you from cost saving in your products.

We also establish our design and fabrication of tool and die in the stamping of printed circuit board (PCB). It creates opportunity for you to assemble and integrate your electronic components with our precision metal or plastic parts at the same time for the ease of managing your product flow.

With our fully integrated computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) facilities, we are capable to produce our design and fabrication of tool and die promptly.   We believe that our design and fabrication capabilities will contribute to our continued competitiveness in providing lowest possible cost and shortest possible time to customers.